Diss Track Coming......

2011-04-05 12:50:40 by RevenTheLegacy

I'mma demolish 3 garbage ass rappers with one verse......


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2011-04-05 23:52:51

I was wondering about that Lord Why joint cause I liked that one and didn't know if it was you cause of where your account was hacked or some bullshit.
I don't know, unless they can pull up the actual song/songs like they did with Lejin, then there really is no credibility behind those accusations.

RevenTheLegacy responds:

yea that's my old account.


2011-06-15 05:21:42

Should I start bragging about how i fucked your girl reven? Or should i just let Qlueless hear it from you when you feel like he should know who I am on here? lol

(Updated ) RevenTheLegacy responds:

and if a nigga can take my girl always from me. that means you did me a favor that chick wasn't for me point blank period and on that note you still on this old ass shit? can't live in the past forever.


2011-06-18 11:55:59

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